Resume Writting

Resume is the first thing your employer notices about you, you may use it to create an impression that could land you a job. On the other hand, a poorly constructed resume can break your impression and take you miles away from the job. You need to make sure that sure that your resume must stand out from others in the bulk of thousands of applications that an employer receives in response to his opening.

For this purpose make sure that your resume is a good reflection of what you can do for your employer and how can you go about it. It summarizes your skills and experience in a way that can actually sell you, and helps you land for an interview.

  • Keep it short, crisp and clear
  • Should reflect your potential and abilities and revolve around your USP
  • Targeted, prim and flawless
  • Make Your Resume Your Asset

    Analyze closely where you are applying and why, and then only start preparing your CV. Don't make the same CV work for various different openings. Depending upon the industry profile and the job specifications, tailor your resume to the needs of your employer. Identify what they are looking for and frame your resume in a way that it appears professional and good to read. Use the phone and ring your contacts that appear to be the most promising. Speak to people ask for help and advice (not a job) and you'll be surprised how helpful people can be. Ask them to comment on your CV don't be defensive and demonstrate to them you have taken on board their advise. Learn to communicate efficaciously. Your eloquence and ability to describe and defend situations (that you have faced or might confront in the future) will help you stand out from other employees that have applied for the same position.

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